Rhiannon White

Rhiannon has been pole dancing for 4 years now and was hooked from her first lesson. Inspired first of all by Felix Cane and her winning performance at Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006, and since then also by a huge array of dancers, Rhiannon enjoys crazy tricks, spinny combos and doubles moves, but most of all, putting on a pair of 8 inch heels and indulging in the sexy side of pole. There isn't a day that goes by where she doesn't dance, even if it is just body rolling about the kitchen waiting for her food to cook! She loves that pole brings people together and that there is so much to learn. Rhiannon competes nationally and hopes to teach her own workshops in the future.

Find her on:
Instagram: @redrhi     

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rhiannonfaithwhite


So far Rhiannon has participated in 6 pole dance competitions:

  1. Authentic Pole Dance 2015 - 2nd place
  2. Dance Filthy UK Northern Edition 2015
  3. Joint winner at Shimmy's Twerk Off Competition (Pole Theatre UK 2015)
  4. Dance Filthy UK Southern Edition 2016 - Winner
  5. The Bristol Pole Championship - Winner 
  6. The Sexiest Performance Special Price (The Bristol Pole Championship)

  Click the picture below to see the video of Rhiannon's Preformance in custom Sway outfit