Fellow aerialist and Sway friend Magda needs your help

My friend Magda is terminally ill. Now the medication that can actually cure her 
is available...but it costs over 1milion pln for a year tratment.
You can now add donation to your order and I ill pass it on to her donation page.
Or you can make your donation directly under this link.

Please read her story below:

I am 31 years old and terminally ill. I've been waiting all my life for a drug that would
save me and make me stop dying slowly. Today this drug is available. Unfortunately,
in our country it remains unrefunded, and I have to pay over a million pln for a year
of treatment.
One million pln for life...

Magda Rembowska

Cystic fibrosis-this is the name of the monster I fight. The disease brutally destroys
the respiratory system and the railroads. It makes a person suffocate and the failure of
subsequent organs progresses. I don't have many friends with cystic fibrosis my age.
Many people passed before the age of 30... I have been getting used to the death
caused by this disease since I was a child...
All my life I try to keep my lungs, pancreas
and my whole body in the best condition
possible "because when the drug appears, you must be in a good enough condition to
heal you and to live like a healthy person-that's what my mother said, so doctors said,
that's what physiotherapists said and that's what I thought too.

Cystic fibrosis is an insidious disease, and even if someone like me doesn't seem sick at
first glance, it doesn't mean it will always be that way. With just one infection, one
bacterium and lung capacity drastically decreasing, sometimes it becomes impossible
to increase, and it is a simple path to oxygen therapy and, in the future, to a life-saving
transplant, which does not mean recovery.
I spend hours each day healing. Inhalations,
drainages, lung rehabilitation-that's my
everyday life.

There are also a handful of medications-for the lungs, for the liver,
for the stomach, for the pancreas, for the special vitamins, for the sinuses, for
the allergy medications, for the hearing aid (damaged by other medications that
saved my lungs), for the special drink supplements, but also measuring sugar
several times a day, because with cystic fibrosis and pancreatic damage it caused,
I got secondary diabetes.

Magda Rembowska

The worst part is knowing that even with all of these, cystic fibrosis is still progressing.
The next organs are more and more damaged, and I am adding more items to the list
of chronic diseases that I have. I have over 50 stays in hospitals.
Each day can make things worse...
I've been waiting all my life for a drug that would
save me. I lived to see this moment.

Unfortunately-I have not lived to the moment when I will be able to pay for it. It's cruel...
To know there is rescue but not have access to it.
The drug that has appeared on
the market is a causal drug-it means that although cystic fibrosis does not disappear,
it does not progress, and the body begins to regenerate as much as possible. Organ
damage doesn't progress. The sick are finally nourished, finally oxygenated, finally
have energy to live. People who take this drug even talk about a miracle. After the first
doses, the body begins to work, to get rid of secretions from the lungs!
Cystic fibrosis
is caused by thousands of different mutations in the CFTR gene.
Do you know how many people in the world have gene mutations like me?
Six people.

Imagine how lucky it is that one of the causal drugs is approved for the treatment
of cystic fibrosis caused by the mutations I have. It's like I won the lottery.
Will THIS drug make me live longer and the quality of my life will be much better?
Definitely yes. And it is the only such possibility!

Magda Rembowska

Unfortunately, to be able to be treated with this miracle drug, which stops the so
far incurable, fatal disease, I need over a million pln a year.
I don't want to wait
until there is nothing left to save in my lungs!

Unfortunately, the drug is not reimbursed in Poland, and my body does not have
time to wait for it. I don't have time for this!
To live, I have to get a lot of money
for rescuing. I will not do it myself, I am not able to collect that amount.
I am not even able to finance a month of treatment by myself.
That is why I am asking for help with all my strength.
Each day, each month of therapy with such a drug saves my life!