Leanne Cummins

Leanne Cummins is the current All Ireland Professional Pole Dance Champion and an instructor at Irish Pole Dance Academy Dublin. Expressing herself through character based pieces, she has won competitions in Ireland and the UK, and performs at events around the country.
Leanne loves all styles of pole dancing, but especially all things flexy and exotic! While she loves keeping up to date with everything in the pole world (she is a true pole nerd!) she also loves to teach - nothing makes her more happy than helping others find their way in the art of pole.

Find her on:
Instagram: @leannecummins45     

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leanne.cummins.794

So far Leanne has participated in 4 Pole dance competitions:

  1. 1st place at Pole Princess Intermediate 2013
  2. 1st place at UKAPP Semi-Pro 2014
  3. 1st place at Pole Theatre Ireland Professional Drama 2015
  4. 1st place at All Ireland Professional Pole Dance Championship 2015


Click the picture below to see the video of Leannes's Preformance in custom Sway outfit