Kenny Simms

Kenny found a passion for dancing at a young age. She took interest in ballet, pointe, and jazz / hip hop. She decided she wanted something more challenging and came across pole dancing. Pole dancing isn't the average hobby but that didn't intimidate her. The sensual yet powerful moves excited her. She currently continues to train at different studios to learn from the best and learn different techniques and styles. She recently competed in her first pole competition for USPDF Novice Sexy and placed first. Kenny continues to perform in various places all over New York City. Her dancing is heavily influenced by exotic pole style and she admires dancers that are strong, sensual, and sexy.

Find her on:
Instagram: @kennydearie 

So far Kenny has participated in 1 Pole dance competitions:

  1. 1st place USPDF 2017 Novice Sexy

Click the picture below to see the video of Kenny's winning performance